Modernize customers’ IT with Dropbox and grow your business

This eBook is designed to help SMB customers:

    • Back up files without worrying about legacy solutions
    • Increase employee collaboration and mobile working
    • Reduce IT costs without compromising on security
    • Increase control over company and customer data

Create more opportunities to grow your cloud business by attaching Dropbox Business to Microsoft Office 360®, Adobe, and more. Increase recurring revenue with our best-in-class cloud solutions.


Build your business when customers build better with Dropbox Business

This ebook is designed to help building and construction customers:

    • Leverage time-saving tools to make up for rising costs
    • Increase employee collaboration and mobile working
    • Lose mounds of paperwork and move to digital organization
    • Increase control over important project information


Today’s marketing teams are made up of in-house employees, agencies, freelancers, and partners – all working together to bring ideas to life and drive business results. The key to creating the best work is adopting a tool that allows for flexibility and agility to stay on top of changing designs, requirements, and ideas.

That’s why millions of marketers save multiple hours every week on approvals, planning, and meetings, using a product they’re more than likely using – Dropbox Business.

This eBook is designed to help marketers:

    • Quickly launch emails to prospects and customers and generate interest in Dropbox Business
    • Leverage relevant assets that highlight your partnership with Dropbox, a leader in file sharing and collaboration.
    • Drive awareness and consideration for Dropbox Business among marketing teams within small and medium-sized businesses.
    • Position yourself as a thought leader that understands the marketing and design use case, and has the technical and business savvy to solve for common pain points in the industry.