Megaport Enables Access to Oracle in Toronto

Megaport has announced the availability of dedicated and private access to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure FastConnect in Toronto.

This coincides with Oracle’s recent announcement of the availability of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure from its new Toronto data center. It brings the total number of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure locations enabled via Megaport to five metros across North America and Europe and a total of 14 FastConnect locations, globally.

Megaport’s SDN provides cost-effective, on-demand, and reliable cloud connectivity that enables enterprise customers with dedicated and private access to Oracle’s cloud infrastructure and platform services. This allows customers to enable connections that bypass the public internet, and improve network performance and predictability, while allowing the enterprise to address and comply with data privacy and regulatory requirements. With the launch of Oracle’s new FastConnect services in Toronto, customers have even more options for how they connect to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure from Megaport’s global SDN which connects over 360 enabled data centres globally.

Megaport Cloud Router’s Layer 3 routing capabilities enable users to connect distributed workloads between regions quickly and move data between multi-region environments, for example Canada and U.S., without the need to hairpin traffic back through physical infrastructure. This simplifies connectivity and creates a more efficient path for better performance and scalability while enabling powerful multicloud connectivity capabilities.

Through collaboration with Megaport, Oracle customers benefit from reliable network access to their data and applications in Canada via the cloud. This means improved performance, enhanced control, flexibility, and scalability that can provide access to critical business data and functions.

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