C3i Taps Avaya Omnichannel Contact Center

C3i Solutions has implemented Avaya‘s communications solutions into its contact center, transforming the department into a next generation omnichannel digital engagement and personalization center.

With more than 150 diverse clients, many among the Fortune 500, C3i is a leading business process outsourcing company supporting over 35 million omnichannel interactions annually in 175 countries.

C3i has unique requirements that mirror their client’s diversity, global presence and an increasingly complex network of business integrations. C3i needed a stable, flexible and integrated contact center solution. Avaya satisfied the demanding compliance and documentation requirements – a complex matrix of client, industry and governmental regulation.

C3i replaced its legacy systems in phases to maintain the flexibility to meet clients’ exact needs and provide a customized experience for every unique client, while easing the burden on its technology team by consolidating six solutions to one and capturing cost savings through reduced operational and support burden.

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