WhiteHat Names Top App Security Vulnerabilities of 2018

Today’s applications touch millions, if not billions of people on a daily basis. With virtually every business using applications to grow, they are critical for success — yet the vulnerabilities and risks associated with them continue to increase exponentially.

And the proof is in the breach. British Airways, Ticketmaster, the United States Postal Service (USPS), Air Canada and TaskRabbit were just some of the major household names plagued by application security vulnerabilities in 2018, leading to headline-grabbing hacks.

To help educate the market on avoiding breaches of this nature, the experts at the WhiteHat Security Threat Research Center (TRC) have compiled the Top 10 Application Security Vulnerabilities of 2018, detailing the most common web exploits used by malicious attackers during the past 12 months — as well as valuable prevention tips for enterprises to implement in the new year.

To read WhiteHat’s list of the top vulnerabilities from 2018, click here.

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